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(Good Deeds)

Provision included but limited to list below


  1.  Anonymously leave positive notes, books, journals, etc. around your city.

  2.  Help out your family by emptying the dishwasher without being asked.

  3.  Leave your extra change in a vending machine for someone else to use.

  4.  Send a candy cane gram, or a valentine to an old friend.

  5.  Be a kind driver. Let someone merge in front of you during rush hour.

  6.  Make somebody smile.

  7.  Compliment someone every day.

  8.  Inspire others by being kind.

  9.  Bake something for somebody else.

  10.  Support your community by attending an event.

  11.  Be extra kind to someone that you may not always treat kindly.

  12.  Participate in Martin Luther King Day of Service.

  13.  Spread the love by leaving I Love You cards around your town or school.

  14.  Leave encouraging notes in self-help books.

  15.  Pay it forward by offering to pay the bill for the person in line behind you.

  16.  Support your friend's endeavors.

  17.  Reward someone else for a good deed that they did.

  18.  Anonymously send someone flowers.

  19.  Make breakfast for someone you love on a random day of the year.

  20.  Decorate a mason jar and fill it with slips of paper thanking someone.

  21.  Send a thank you note to a current or former president.

  22.  Advertise Our Actions by adding a link to it on your social media pages.

  23.  Cut down waste by clearing your plate every meal.

  24.  Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with thank you notes.

  25.  Thank your mailman by leaving them a note.

  26.  Tell someone you love everything about them.

  27.  Make a list of 101 things you love about your mom, dad, whoever!

  28.  Bring baked goods to your local police or fire station to say thank you.

  29.  Send a virtual thank you note to someone.

  30.  Do yourself a favor by quitting a bad habit, like smoking or biting your nails.

  31.  Leave a nice thank you note or a very generous tip for your waiter.

  32.  Thank your custodians and janitors.

  33.  Go a day without complaining.

  34.  Recycle all of the soda cans you use.

  35.  Turn off your computer every night before bed.

  36.  Take shorter showers.

  37.  Plant a tree.

  38.  Cut back your use of paper products. Make copies double sided.

  39.  Watch less television.

  40.  Use a reusable water bottle every day.

  41.  Carpool and take public transportation when possible.

  42.  Recycle and/or donate used ink cartridges.

  43.  Try to switch some or all of your lamps to energy efficient light bulbs.

  44.  Properly recycle old, used batteries.

  45.  Clean up a public area like a nature trail or a beach.

  46.  Recycle a positive tweet

  47.  Turn off your computer for an hour and exercise.

  48.  Volunteer at your local park.

  49.  Conserve energy by turning your thermostat down a couple of degrees.

  50.  Walk for something that is important to you.

  51.  Use reusable rags instead of paper towels when possible.

  52.  Pick up a piece of trash you find on the ground and dispose of it properly.

  53.  Use a reusable lunch bag instead of brown paper bags.

  54.  Participate in Earth Hour.

  55.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  56.  Make a garden and donate what you grow.

  57.  Go 24 hours without eating, or participate in a 30 Hour Famine.

  58.  Fight hunger through Our Actions food program.

  59.  Provide seeds for a family to grow their own produce.

  60.  Provide a bedkit for a child in need.

  61.  Make a list of the things you are grateful for, or the things that you love.

  62.  Volunteer at a local homeless shelter.

  63.  Thank your school nurse.

  64.  Read a book that inspires you, or that has inspired others to do good.

  65.  Create a prayer list.

  66.  Exercise your right to vote.

  67.  Make a real effort to get to know somebody else.

  68.  Tell congress to defend the rights of children.

  69.  Petition against animal cruelty.

  70.  Put out a bird feeder to feed the birds.

  71.  Write a letter to the troops.

  72.  Send cookies to the troops.

  73.  Volunteer in a local hospital.

  74.  Sign the Bill of Rights for young cancer patients.

  75.  Learn CPR.

  76.  Help someone else with their homework.

  77.  Donate a laptop to a student who needs one.

  78.  Light a candle for homeless youth.

  79.  Donate the money for what you did not buy.

  80.  Leave a note or a dollar in a library book for somebody else.

  81.  Make and donate a hand-made dog toy to a local shelter.

  82.  Provide a soldier's child with dog tags.

  83.  Help children with speech difficulties by adopting a word.

  84.  Send a letter to a sick child that makes them Smile ☺

  85.  Donate a bible to anyone.

  86.  Have a conversation with a homeless man or woman.

  87.  Write more love letters.

  88.  Become a bone marrow donor.

  89.  Meatless Mondays.

  90.  Give a Cup of Joe to a homeless person or anyone.

  91.  Donate to an orphanage.

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